Autoimmune Protocol; Help and Healing

This weekend we will have our first Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Freezer Meal Workshop lead by myself and Donna Hetrick. We are super excited to get these freezergreifquote meal workshops going to help guide folks through meal planning and food prep. Through whole foods we can all really work towards healing. We still have room for participants for the workshop. It will be this Sunday 2-4pm, $25 (includes spices) and shopping list is now available. Please let us know asap is you would like to join us.

Over at Cake Cooks Gluten-free, we have our 5 Stages of Grieving Foods from a AIP perspective. We hope to create a community here that people can feel supported while the transition to nutritional plans that promote healing. This is just a little support to help you understand, you are not alone in these struggles.


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    • Nan (sorry for the long delay!)-
      Since the causes for rosacea can very greatly on the person, it’s hard to be able to say definitely that a dietary change or eliminations would be the solution. However, the basis of AIP is to remove all inflammatory foods to allow the body to heal. When we are inflamed and gut health compromised, the body reacts in all sorts of weird ways. Focusing on healing and building gut health can really only be beneficial. I would definitely take a look at AIP and see if you think you could do it. For me, it was a final straw plan. I was coping with so many issues, I had to figure out how to heal. Good luck and please feel free to email ([email protected]) or come on by if you have questions.

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