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Workshops are offered throughout the month. For more information or to sign up for a workshop please contact us. Private classes can also be arranged for groups of at least 6 people.
Fermentation 101: Kombucha and Kraut- Third Saturday of each month 2-4pm

Learn the basics to get you fermenting your own kraut and kombucha. The first portion of the workshop will be a hands-on kraut making class. The second half will be a demonstration of how to create your first ferment of kombucha. Registration required, fee $30, class fee includes starter tea and SCOBY and cabbage for kraut making.
Fermentation 102: Second Ferments- 4th Saturday 2-3pm
Have you gotten your kombucha brewing but it doesn’t taste fizzy and delicious as you would like it to? Join is for the Second Ferments class that teaches you how to create the fizz and flavor you are looking for. Registration required, $10, includes materials to create some flavor combinations. Materials needed: bring with you a portion (or all) of your first ferment to work on during the class.
Fermentation 201: Spice it up!- First Monday, 5-6pm
KIMCHI! Traditional kimchi has been used for centuries to accompany delicious foods, but it also happens to have a whopping serving of health benefits in its spiciness. Registration required, $10 includes class materials, must bring pint jar to pack your first kimchi.
Make Your Own Milk- Second Tuesday, 6-7pm
Have you been trying to incorporate some healthy non-dairy milks into your diet? Join us for a quick nut milk demo to learn how to make nut and coconut milks from scratch. Drop in class, no registration required, nut bags available for purchase after class.
Amazing Bone Broth- 3rd Tuesday, 6-7pm
There are many reports of the benefits of bone broth fluttering about, but do you really know how bone broth can benefit you? Stop in for a short class on the benefits of bone broth and how to make your own. Drop in class, no registration required, no fee, bones available for purchase after class.
The Grower’s Guide- Spring (February- March)
This workshop is a quick basics of gardening and planning with lots of discussion. Our local specialist will be with us to help you learn the basics to get started. We have a few hand outs and garden plans to help you get going on your way to a successful season of growth. FREE, drop in, registration not required. 10% off all purchase made after the workshop including vegetable plants and seeds.
Freezer Meal Workshops- 3rd Saturday 3-5pm
Do you struggle with breakfast, school lunches or weekday dinners? Do you find yourself buying and throwing away produce you don’t manage to get to? Each month Kickshaws hosts a variety of freezer meal workshops to help you plan your meals to get you on the right track. Freezer meal workshops offered- AIP Freezer Meals, Whole Foods, Seasonal Freezer Meals, Vegetarian Freezer Meals and more. Check calendar for upcoming workshop.
At Kickshaws we understand exactly how important it is to be supported. We are consistently working towards offering more support for various needs in our community. If you have a specific need please contact us and we will find the best way to help you.

Autoimmune Disease Support Group- 2nd Monday 6-7pm
Join us to meet with others who suffer with various Autoimmune Diseases, discuss and find support. Half of the battle of chronic illness is knowing you are not alone. Each month we will meeting at Kickshaws Downtown Market for tea and discussion led by a community member.


Canning 101 Learn the basics of canning to help you preserve the harvest of the local grow season.

Gluten-free Baking Basics

Gluten-free Flour Blends Having a hard time transition to GF? Learn a few basics to get you going.

30 Minute Whole Foods Meals

Wholefoods Freezer Meal Workshops

Grain-free Basics

Food Preserving: Dehydrating, drying and freezing


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