Kickshaws Kitchen is NOW Open!


Good Morning Fredericksburg! It’s been over a year in the making, but Kickshaws Kitchen is FINALLY open. For those of you who don’t follow too much on social media, here is the official update:

  • We worked diligently for a year on the permitting for 103.5 and hit EVER wall imaginable. I guess its not that easy turning a dog grooming space into a functioning kitchen.
  • We finally got all the permits in place to begin building and BOOM 1002 Sophia became available, the space formerly occupied by Charlie and Grace.
  • We leased the space with the help of our landlord (who has had amazing faith in our business since day 1) and our awesome commercial real estate agent.
  • We worked feverishly for 3 weeks to get the space ready!
  • We opened Kickshaws Kitchen on Monday (9/26/16)!

A number of folks have asked- “well what is happening at 103.5 William Street now?” No worries that little space will definitely still be utilized, just for a different purpose. After the year of planning the 103.5 space, it came to our attention that the demand for clean and safe foods was much larger than we anticipated and the 1002 Sophia street space will really let us better meet that demand. However, there is a large demand for our dedicated gluten-free baked goods as well! So 103.5 William street will become Kickshaws’ Bakery later this year. The space will not be open to the public, but on the average morning you will probably be able to walk by and watch all the delicious bakery goodies being produced in the big window facing William Street. The Bakery will serve Fredericksburg and the surrounding area with dedicated gluten-free baked goods like the breads and desserts that we produce for the Market and Kitchen as well as some of the local restaurants like Orofino and Legume. We are very excited to help our local restaurants offer safe bread and dessert options for Fredericksburg diners.

What is Kickshaws Kitchen?

Exactly what makes Kickshaws Kitchen special?

As in the Market, we are dedicated to sourcing local, non-gmo, organic, untreated and no junk added foods. This means that ALL produce sourced for the Kitchen is NEVER sprayed or treated and is always non-gmo. All our meats are from either certified organic sources or our wonderful local farms like Earths Echo (Fredericksburg), Renewed Pastures (Caroline Co.), Whiffletree Farm (Warrenton), Polyface Farms (Swoope, Va) who practice humane animal husbandry and never ever treat with antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO feeds. Additionally, Kickshaws Kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free kitchen which means that from the source to the plate, we are following our materials to know that they are safe for the gluten-free community. If I can’t eat it- I will not put it on a plate for you. Our Kitchen is also nut-free (tree nuts and peanuts) and overall pretty allergen friendly. (if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!)

We are very excited to have Kickshaws Kitchen open for our community. Thank you for all the continue support- we hope to see you at the community table soon!


Kathy & the Kickshaws Team

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    • Clara- Sorry I missed your comment! The Kitchen opens each day at 8am and we serve until about 4pm. In the evening we hold our workshops and once we see how workshops are going we will adjust afternoon/evening hours. Thanks!

    • Most of our menu options offer options free of soy and dairy.

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