New Products and Vendors!

We are excited to again, add to our inventory with some wonderful local producers. This week we started to work with Sunrise Farms in StuartsSunrisefarm
Draft, Virginia. Sunrise Farm focuses on naturally, non-gmo raised chicken, eggs, pork and beef. All beef is grass-fed and grass finished and poultry is pastured and supplemented with non-gmo feeds. Additionally, Sunrise Farm is committed not only to good products, but keeping them in a price range that is affordable for everyone. We are really excited to be able to bring in some quality chicken at a reduced cost to our customers.

Next week we will be getting our first delivery from Mountain View Farm in Fairfield, Virginia. Mountain View makes amazing artisan cheeses with local raw dairy. We had the opportunity to sample some of their products this week and we assure you, you will not be disappointed. We are going to be starting off with swiss, gouda, mild cheddar, and a jack style cheese as well as salted and unsalted butters. Check out their website for details and let us know if there is another cheese or product you would like on the shelves at Kickshaws.

jojos-chocolate-hope-86134760We had sampling this weekend of chocolates from Jojo’s Chocolate Hope and they received rave reviews. Unfortunately, it was a tease because we only had a few bars to start off with. Fear not, we are pretty sure that you guys want these amazing treats, so our order will be going in this week and we hope to have them on the shelves by next week for you. Check out Jojo’s website to learn more about this awesome company that has a passion in functional eating.

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