Our Mission, the long version

Why We Do What We Do

Lots of people ask what made us decide to open Kickshaws. This picture and incident is really what set the course.

I was being treated by a renowned neurologist, on 14 different medications to control my symptoms and the side effects including Adderall and Ambien, yup- uppers and downers just to function in life. I was a train wreck and trying very hard to be a good wife and mom. One night with shakes from migraines and the medications to treat it, I stuck my finger in an immersion blended when the blade got stuck as I tried to make dinner for my family. That sucker loosened and whipped around my finger. Cool as a cucumber former Boy Scout, my husband, Richard and my mom decided I would be off to the ER.

In the waiting room holding my blood soaked kitchen towel I looked at Richard and told him I was so tired. He said “I know, hopefully it won’t take too long.” I said “no, I’m tired of all of this, of feeling this way, I can’t do it anymore.” He asked me what I wanted to do and while waiting in the emergency room I decided to stop all my meds, much against all of my doctors’ orders.

IMPORTANT: We say very regularly- we are not medical professionals in any way and through this journey I did consult with a nutritionist and blood work analyst to monitor my progress. I would never suggest anyone just stop all treatment willy nilly. This is something that should be done cautiously and with professional monitoring. Ultimately for me, my doctor did not believe that nutrition made any impact on my condition and repeatedly dismissed my feelings about my own treatment. I made a decision that I needed to advocate for myself. THAT is what everyone should take from this. If your medical professional isn’t listening to you, demand that they do or find a doctor who will.

That day set us on a journey toward healing through food and supplementation that has truly given me my life back. It doesn’t mean that I have been completely healed, some days or weeks are down right terrible, but overall I am actually living life again. I’ve learned many triggers to my issues and how to control them a great deal and learned so much about my own body, how it functions, heals and copes with illness and injury. THAT is a huge step in the continued direction for me to live a healthy and happy life.

When we opened Kickshaws I worked with a wonderful business planner who insisted that I share our story. I was very hesitant because I didn’t want Kickshaws to be me, but its own entity. I still feel very passionate about Kickshaws being a separate unit from myself, but I also know that one of the things that makes Kickshaws unique is that the people here understand your journey through health, illness, chronic pain, disease and so much more. We have been there with members of our community that have fought through disease and persevered, and some who have not. I try to remind myself that not everything can be healed- not through food, homeopathy, supplementation or conventional means. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to lose a friend, which is what we consider our dear customers. I comfort myself knowing what we do here, what I have done for myself and my family and our community, has helped improve the quality of life for however long we are here to enjoy it. In that, I know we are fulfilling our mission.

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