Polyface Farm, Swoope, Va.

 In September of 2015, I had the opportunity to attend the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore. One of the big draws for me was the chance to hear Joel Salatin speak and meet him in person. I have read a number of his books and many of the farmers and ranchers we work with have based many of their farming principals on the work the Salatin’s have done at Polyface Farm. It was a great experience and I did indeed get to hold up the book signing to ask Joel some questions.

Before hearing Mr. Salatin discPolyfaceFarmuss the distribution of food in our country, we hadn’t really given much thought to sourcing meats from Polyface. Thanksgiving was upon us and we were still looking for a few good sources for high quality meats, pasture raised, without braking our customers bank. Polyface was able to help us do just that. After talking with the farm we reserved about 20 birds for our customers, which all sold instantly. Our price per pound was very good and we were able to provide healthy turkeys to Fredericksburg, something we will do each year.

Polyface2Of course, if you happen to be in Swoope, Va. there is not one reason you should not stop at Polyface to have a look around (and buy meat!). We scheduled our pickup day with the kiddos to head out to Polyface. The entire day was dismal and raining, but as luck had it everything cleared up for us and we had an amazing view of the farm. Because it was late fall already, the chicken mobiles were pulled in and the chickens in their hoop houses (with the rabbits… if you don’t know about this rabbit/chicken relationship you should read about it in Folks This Aint Normal). But we did walk around, visit with some of the animals and see some of the awesome innovative ways Polyface runs efficiently and sustainable.

Moving forward, a few times a year (not the winter!) we will be Hey ewe! See what I did there?submitting orders to Polyface for pickup. If you are interested in placing an order with us, just shoot us a message and we can give you details on the next pickup/delivery dates. Each fall we will begin to take turkey orders in late September through October, place your order early to ensure you get your Polyface bird.

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