Kickshaws Downtown Market

Our Farms

Kickshaws supports our local agriculture and works closely with our local farms to bring the best quality produce, dairy and meats to Fredericksburg, Va. Supporting our local growers not only gives our customers the best we can offer but supports our environment and families who work tirelessly to provide for our community.

Earth’s Echo Farm

Earth’s Echo Farm is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, just a few miles away from Downtown. A family owned and operated farm, Earth’s Echo focuses on not only non-gmo, natural, pasture raised eggs and meats, but is committed to their impact on the land that they farm.

Sweet Valley Farm

Located in Culpeper, Virginia, Sweet Valley produces amazing goat and cow cheeses, soaps and lotions. The focus on creating products made from their hand raised and hand milked goats, combining only the best natural ingredients for superb products.

Mary Jane Organic Farm

Mary Jane is a certified organic farm that focuses on a variety of microgreens in Woodford Virginia. Their microgreens are grown year round to supply the community and restaurants like ours with a nutrient dense and delicious addition to our plates each day.

Whiffletree Farm

Located in Warrenton, Virginia, Whiffletree focuses on healthy grassfed and finished beef, pasture raised pork and chicken. Whiffletree Farm raises all their animals with a commitment to be clear of all GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides and vaccines.

Aryshire Farm

Located in Upperville, Virginia, Aryshire Farm operates a certified organic farm and Farm Store- Gentle Harvest. Aryshire is not only certified organic, they are also certified Humanely Raised and certified non-gmo.

Willowlynn Farm Produce

Willowlynn Farm, located in Catlett Virginia, is a multi-generational farm committed to growing natural and healthy produce for the community, restaurants and their CSA.

Renewed Pastures Farm

Located in Orange, Virginia, Renewed Pastures raises