Slow Grown in Virginia, Woodford, Va

slowgrown3Our friends the Lockharts more or less introduced us the Brian and Kim of Slow Grown in Virginia. They continually told us we should talk with them especially when they decided that they were moving to Scotland this past Fall. Numerous emails back and forth with two small family owned businesses, and we finally connected.

I sympathize a great deal with the story of how Slow Grown in Virginia started, if you aren’t familiar please check it out on their about page. They come from a similar place that we have, illness and conventional medicine to finding better health and quality of life through environmental and nutritional changes.

We visited Slow Growslowgrown5n in Virginia to do our first pick up even though Brian insisted they could deliver. We don’t get out to our vendors farms nearly as much as we would like to, so this was a good opportunity to do it. It was mid summer and we headed over to the farm from The Lockhart Family Farm where we had been visiting our future (now current!) Great Pyrenees pup. We pulled up to the farm store passing a few pig enclosures and chickens. Parking the car a very friendly farm cat slowgrown2decided to jump in the car and sit on our son’s lap in the back seat, the welcoming committee we assumed. We walked into the store and Brian welcomed us to the farm and the shop. In the farm store they have a beautiful variety of produce they have grown, eggs, fresh made breads from grains they themselves grow and mill and various personal care products that Kim produces. There are bunches of lavender hanging and every table covered with the best the season has to offer. The heirloom tomatoes were jaw dropping, if I could eat nightshades we would have cleared them out!

Like all our trips to our vendors, we of course, purchased a load of goodies for our own family including pork roasts, chops, uncured bacon and lots of chicken. It was all we could to do to get home and get some pork cooked up for dinner and without a doubt, we were sold on the quality of the meats that Brian and Kim raise at Slow Grown in Virginia.

All of the Criley’s meats are pasture raised, never with drugs or hormones. They are fed supplemental non-gmo feeds for some of the healthiest and tastiest meats around. We tend to restock meats from Slow Grown in Virginia about once a month but do take custom orders if you are looking for a particular cut on pork (ie shoulder roasts, ham roasts etc.). Just shoot us a message with details including the date you need your cut and we can arrange to have it ready for you with our next delivery.

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